Parents overjoyed – brutal son goes reducetarian

baby-1880769_1920John and Hillary W. are enthralled that their son Rudi (7) is finally going reducetarian and has vowed to beat up his little sister Sandra (2) only on 6 days a week instead of daily.

“It’s a step in the right direction. We are so proud of him.”

In one or two years, if Rudi got accustomed to it, he might even think about reducing to 5 days per week. Who knows, in 20 or 30 years he might even be able to totally forego the violence. To ask an immediate end to the beatings would be far too extrem, totally dogmatic, and completely unrealistic.

“One must not ask too much at once. That would make Rudi cantankerous and stubborn. You have to be grateful for every little improvement.”

When asked why Rudi is not just given a sandbag or punching-ball to box those instead, the answer was: “Well, that’s just not like the real thing. Hitting a living, screaming face feels so much better to him. We simply can’t ask such a big sacrifice of him.”

Little Sandra did not comment as she’s still recovering from the last blows, but she’s already looking forward to next week’s beat-free Monday.

#Reducetarianism #Flexitarianism #Pescetarianism #Vegetarianism #Bullshitarianism

#NoExcuses #GetReal #BeFair #GoVegan

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